Nik’s bio

Hi! I’m Nik (she/her)

I am small town Texas born and fled. I came to NYC in my twenties to attend the CCNY studio arts program. I earned my BA for portraiture in 2018 and moved to CT for the trees. Two out of two dogs agree: good choice. 

After years of shushing myself, I finally listened to my eager inner voice, said “yes” to my passion for hair design and registered for the Toni and Guy cosmo program – and PLOT TWIST – began the program weeks before the 2020 shutdown (because life is hilarious and stuff happens). Despite obvious obstacles, I quickly discovered I thrill in using my artist’s eye for personal style. Using my art training to make someone feel sexy in their own skin is an unrivaled joy. 

In the Before Times, I performed stand-up comedy (which admittedly blurs the line between bravery and insanity) and I like to pretend I don’t enjoy name dropping the comics with whom I’ve worked. Now that the world is opening up again, I’m excited to get back on stage for the love of the craft. Making people laugh is my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do and it translates wonderfully with client relations. 

Also in The Before, I ran a studio in Wilton Town Center where I created and taught art. Despite no longer having the commercial space I still operate a small side business out of my home selling original art, prints and merchandise for my shop 

I am absolutely over the dusty old industry standard relic of needlessly gendered haircuts and appallingly disparate pricing. My family says my stylist career is doomed for failure if I vocally advocate for Queer and gender equality and, truth be told, I’d love to prove them wrong on this. I welcome all gender identities  and applaud and support those who are still figuring it out. It’s your journey. Take your time and don’t let anyone smoosh your fire. 

I think I’m a walking tribute to stick-to-it-ness, a come-back-kid, a never-give-upper. I started by pulling myself up by the Texas bootstraps, and got rid of those boots. They were binding and tacky. I got new boots that suit me a whole lot better and I’ve reinvented myself more than once by whittling away the parts that weren’t me. I graduated college in my thirties, I came out of the closet decades later than most, I lost a hundred pounds (and then the same twenty pounds again many times). I hope maybe my story can inspire others to Listen to their heart and fight the Fear that’s been holding them back. Just keep trying.