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I created the concept of the 40hourARTweek: in which a 30”x30” canvas is brought from concept to finished piece in the course of a standard 40 hour work week. The entire 40 hours is filmed in time lapse, edited, paired with carefully selected music and shared with the public on several social media platforms.
I have established a style throughout the last decade, sharpened in this last year inspired by the intimacy of Chuck Close’s large scale portraiture and my love of vibrant hues. Portraits of my subjects pop off the canvas through the unexpected use of bright contrasting colors. Many, if not most of my source photos are of established people, at a time when their fate was still unknown to them, including a 19 year old Hillary Rodham, Lucille Ball before she began her comedy career and the first headshot of Dolly Parton. It is part of my dedication to appreciating the process, for at the time those photos were taken, the subject was still uncertain of their future success and there is a quality to that uncertainty that I like to capture.

kid nightingale

kid nightingale

Get in touch with Niki


Wilton, CT

E-Mail: me@nikikey.com
Phone: (718) 208-8369

You can also drop me a line by using the contact form.


About Niki

Niki created the concept of the #40hourARTweek in the fall of 2016. She has a passion for motherhood, arts in all its forms, GLBTQ rights, racial equality, feminism, and community.

In the rare moments she’s not in her studio painting, editing video or marketing her wares, Niki enjoys stand up comedy, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, karaoke and scrabble.

She recently returned to finish her Art degree at City College of New York because it's never too late to finish what you've started.

Her favorite band is OK GO and she hopes that one day, Damian, Tim, Dan and Andy read this and invite her to one of their shows.

She is also hoping to meet Ellen. (ptssss, Ellen....?)

80 Old Ridgefield Road
Wilton Town Center
Third Floor inside Hello, Yoga

YouTube/ Instagram/ Etsy: 40hourARTweek
Facebook: 40hourARTweek by Niki Key
Tumblr and Snapchat: yekikin